1. August 2016

Futurist Gray Scott – The Simulation and Virtual Reality

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Chinese Scientists Will Perform First CRISPR Human Gene Editing Trial In August

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A team of scientists from the Sichuan University’s West China Hospital in Chengdu will begin the first CRISPR human trial for lung cancer patients in August of this year.  Patients who have failed to respond to treatments—who still haven’t gotten well even after undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other treatments—were chosen to take part in the CRISPR trial.

Scientists plan to take T cells from patients and use the CRISPR-Cas9 technique to edit out the PD-1 gene. PD-1 regulates T cells’ immune response and prevents them from attacking healthy cells. The team will then multiply the modified samples in the lab before reintroducing them to the patients’ bloodstream, in the hopes that they’ll target parts of the patient’s body affected with cancer. A biotechnology company will validate the cells before they’re reintroduced into the patient to make sure only PD-1 was edited out.





9. Juni 2016

Is life a video game? | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016

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Singularity is Near! Full Documentary Michio Kaku | Ray Kurzweil FutureWise™ FutureWise™

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The Nanorobot Surgeon You Can Swallow

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Ray Kurzweil: We’ll Become Godlike When We Connect Our Brains to The Cloud

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23. April 2016

Liz Parrish of BioViva Sciences: Treating Biological Aging With Gene Therapy Mar-A-Lago 2015

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First gene therapy successful against human aging

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American woman gets biologically younger after gene therapies

Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. has become the first human being to be successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy, after her own company’s experimental therapies reversed 20 years of normal telomere shortening.

Telomere score is calculated according to telomere length of white blood cells (T-lymphocytes). This result is based on the average T-lymphocyte telomere length compared to the American population at the same age range. The higher the telomere score, the “younger” the cells.



Die Gentechnik und der Transhumanismus

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KÖLN. (hpd) Vom Standpunkt des Transhumanismus aus gesehen, ist der Alterungsprozess des menschlichen Körpers eine Erbkrankheit, die in Zukunft geheilt werden kann. Der Mensch ist das Ergebnis einer über Jahrmillionen abgelaufenen Evolution. Wesentlicher Bestandteil des Evolutionsprozesses ist die Selektion. Sie ist in der Regel ein ausgesprochen brutaler Prozess der mit extremem Leid verbunden ist. Die Naturwissenschaft ist nun mittlerweile so weit fortgeschritten, dass wir die zukünftige Weiterentwicklung des Menschen selbst in die Hand nehmen können. Sie wird uns in die Lage versetzen, das durch Krankheiten und Altern bedingte Leid zu reduzieren und die positiven Fähigkeiten des Menschen weiter zu optimieren. Während die Manipulation von Genen bis vor wenigen Jahren noch ein sehr aufwändiger Prozess war, hat sich dieser durch die Entwicklung der neuen CRISPR/Cas9-Technik nun drastisch vereinfacht.



11. April 2016

Mind Transfer To A Computer Could Be Possible By 2050. Immortality May Be Within Reach

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Immortality. Something that the human race has dreamt of since we understood the concept of death. The ability to live beyond our extremely mortal bodies…From the famous myths of a fountain of youth to the endless potions of legend that would stop you from aging and keep you alive forever, nothing truly seems to be more than a dream. But could we have been thinking about this incorrectly for a while now?

Rather than dreaming and attempting to keep our physical bodies alive forever, maybe we need to look somewhere else. What’s something that you use every day. What’s something that has incredible power similar to that of our minds. What are you looking at right now? A thought provoking article surely, but what’s displaying it? A computer; running a program. What else is our mind but a type of computer running a program?



Mind Transfer To A Computer Could Be Possible By 2050. Immortality May Be Within Reach

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