15. März 2011

‚Age of the Android‘ Arrives: ISS Astronauts to Unpack NASA AI-Powered Space Robot in Orbit

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The space shuttle Discovery delivered humanoid robot helper called Robonaut 2 to the International Space Station. The NASA space robot will see first light tonight (March 15), when astronauts aboard the International Space Station finally pry open its closet-size packing crate where it’s spent more than six months.  Robonaut 2 — a prototype AI powered robotic assistant designed to help astronaut crews with chores and repairs — first arrived at the station aboard the space shuttle Discovery on Feb. 26.

„They’ll do an inspection to make sure it all looks good, that there was no damage during launch,“ said NASA spokeswoman Brandi Dean at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The humanoid robot — complete with a head, arms and an upper torso — will be the first dexterous humanoid robot in space and it assures its followers in one of its first tweets alluding to 2001: A Space Odyssey that, „No, no relation to Hal. Don’t know if I’d want to admit to having him on my family tree if I was. [Definately] don’t condone his actions.“

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