23. Juni 2011

Fujitsu Builds Most Powerful Supercomputer

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The June 2011 ranking of the top 500 supercomputers was unveiled at a conference in Hamburg, Germany today, and a Japanese machine is topping the charts for the first time in seven years. If historical trends hold true, it could keep the top spot for some time. (You can find all the specs for the number one computer—the Fujitsu K Computer—here).

The rankings are produced by Top500 and are based on computing speed, measured in the number of calculations that a computer can execute in a second when running a standardized program. In the case of the K Computer, that number is 8.16 quadrillion calculations, or 8.16 petaflops. It’s more than three times as fast as the machine that topped the last list, released in November 2010, a Chinese supercomputer manufactured by NUDT that computes at a speed of 2.57 petaflops.

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Bemerkung dazu:

Die Rechenleistung des Supercomputers entspricht etwa der Leistung von 1000 menschlichen Gehirnen.


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