27. April 2015

New Research Yields Insight Into The Origins Of Consciousness

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As you read this article, you are aware of what you are reading it on, where you are and who you are. But where does the ability to perceive or know the self and the world around us stem from? This has continued to trouble scientists, philosophers and psychologists alike, leading to the development of a remarkable number of hypotheses attempting to explain the origins of conscious awareness. Is awareness the result of focused, specific changes in brain connectivity, or is it perhaps a product of a broad network of activity across the brain?

Although it is extremely difficult to answer these questions, scientists believe that they could be one step closer to understanding how our brain makes us aware with the discovery of global changes in the connectivity of different areas during awareness. According to the researchers, this challenges the idea that consciousness is the result of regional changes in neural activity. The study has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.





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