27. Oktober 2015

Biotech CEO Undergoes Gene Hacking to Reverse Aging

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Liz Parrish, CEO of biotech startup BioViva, says she underwent a gene therapy at an undisclosed location overseas last month, a first step in what she says is a plan to develop treatments for ravages of old age like Alzheimer’s and muscle loss, MIT Technology Review reports.

„I am patient zero,“ Parrish said in a Reddit AMA. „I have aging as a disease.“ Recognizing aging as a disease that future medicine should be able to cure is an important paradigm shift.

BioViva plans to develop and deliver a suite of therapies each targeting the different consequences of aging and disease and promoting a longer and healthier life. Parrish, who also founded BioTrove Investments, is interested in changing the paradigm of disease and how we view aging and more importantly, how we will treat it moving forward.

The medical procedure reportedly took place on September 15 in Colombia. Some observers are skeptical, but a filmmaker claims to have filmed the procedure, and hopefully more information and videos will be available soon.





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