24. August 2019

Japan Pledges $900 Million to Cyborg, Human Hibernation Research

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The Japanese government just pledged the equivalent of $921 million for moonshot research projects including artificial hibernation, cleaning environmental waste, and developing technology that could turn us into cyborgs.




22. März 2011

Can Japan Send In Robots To Fix Troubled Nuclear Reactors?

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When it comes to robots, Japan is a superpower, with some of the world’s most advanced robotic systems and the highest levels of industrial automation. So it makes sense to ask: Why can’t Japan use robots to fix the damaged reactors at the Fukushima Dai-1 nuclear power plant?

Many people have wondered about this possibility, and there’s been a lot of speculation and confusion. One news report even slammed Japan for lacking nuclear-disaster robots.

I’d be the first to shout, „Send in the robots!“ if it were clear that robots could help in this case. But things aren’t that simple. To understand what robots can and cannot do at Fukushima, I spoke to several experts. Here’s what they say.


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