9. Juni 2016

The Nanorobot Surgeon You Can Swallow

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4. Februar 2016

World First: Nanobot Micromotors Deliver Medical Payload Inside Living Creature

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Scientists from the University of California are claiming that they have managed to deliver a medical payload directly into the gut tissue of a live organism using micro-motored nanobots.

Notably, the team behind the work notes that these little, microscopic machines can travel inside of the living creature and deliver the medical treatment without causing any harmful side effects related to the small bots.

Using micro-motor powered nanobots propelled by gas bubbles made from a reaction with the contents of the stomach in which they were deposited, these miniature machines have been successfully deployed in the body of a live mouse. The tubular nanobots, which are about 20 micrometers long, 5 micrometers in diameter, and coated in zinc, are propelled by gas bubbles that are produced once the zinc reacts with the hydrochloric acid in the digestive system.




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