30. August 2018

Roboter „Atlas“

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13. April 2018


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10. Juni 2014

Meet Pepper, Aldebaran’s New Personal Robot With an „Emotion Engine“

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French robotics company Aldebaran unveiled today its newest robot, a friendly humanoid named Pepper that seems determined to make everyone smile. Pepper talks, gesticulates, and zips by on wheels. And it has an “emotion engine,” designed to understand how people are feeling and react accordingly.

Aldebaran built the robot for SoftBank, the Japanese telecom giant, which plans to start selling it to consumers in Japan next February for 198,000 yen, or about US $1,900. The robot will be produced by Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, which makes iPhones and other Apple products.






3. August 2013

ASIMO Robot Next-Generation Unveiled! – 2013 Humanoid Robot Show

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10. Juli 2012

fMRI Reads Thoughts In Real Time to Remotely Control Robot

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Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a remarkable technology: it can be used to do everything from recording your dreams on video to teaching you new skills while you sleep. It’s also good for controlling robots, and Israeli researchers have managed to get a robot to move around a room just by thinking about it.


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25. August 2011

MABEL Runs Free!

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11. August 2011

Roboter lernen Greifen

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Viele Jobs, die wir mit unseren Händen erledigen, kommen uns simpel vor. Doch für Roboter sind es Herkulesaufgaben. Neuroinformatiker arbeiten deswegen daran, ihnen die menschliche Grifftechnik beizubringen – und müssen die Maschinen vor ihrer eigenen Kraft schützen.


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11. Januar 2011

Massage Roboter

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2. November 2010

Tanzender (weiblicher?!) Roboter

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14. Oktober 2010

Humanoid Robots Rise. Now, Can They Walk?

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Japan has long held world dominance when it comes to full-body walking humanoid robots. There’s the pioneering Waseda robots, the impressive HRP series, the diminutive but nimble Sony Qrio and Toyota Partner robots, and of course, the country’s most famous emissary: the charismatic, child-size, astronaut-like Honda Asimo, which ambles, runs, and climbs stairs with (almost) perfect precision. Until recently, only South Korea — with its Hubo and Mahru robots — had demonstrated humanoids with legs as impressive as those of their Japanese counterparts.


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