9. Juni 2016

Singularity is Near! Full Documentary Michio Kaku | Ray Kurzweil FutureWise™ FutureWise™

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17. November 2015

Does Evolution lead to Singularity?

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The most spectacular manifestation of an accelerating trend is when its progression becomes exponential or more. An exponential progression is clearly unsustainable in the real world reaching very quickly a collapse point of the underlying process. In case of accelerating technological development, the collapse point is generally identified with the so called Singularity, caused by the rise of self-improving Artificial Intelligence.

This is well known and widely debated, but it is only part of a bigger story. It is now emerging that there are many other accelerating trends we should worry about. Taking a wider look of what is going on with us and our planet we could say that there are various “singularities” that are lining up and coming our way. This is not good news and, besides the intrinsic risk represented by accelerating trends, the significance of what is about to happen is very profound.




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